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Are you looking for an online IFC viewer to enrich your BIM application?

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BIMer tools

Discover the benefits of integrating our IFC tools into your BIM software

With BIMer your solution can offer a viewer that converts and displays IFC models on a browser and turn them into interactive, online experience

BIMer helps you unlock the power of your BIM Software and build new services to address your customer's needs.

What is BIMer?

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BIMer.IFC is a tool to translate IFC file to JSON format viewable by BIMer.viewer. Check out this video to learn more.

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BIM model provided by BIM6x (



Prepares IFC files for rendering in the BIMer.viewer. 3D view from IFC file format is translated into JSON format, so it can be rendered in our online viewer. Geometries, object properties and relations are extracted, so that the design data can be used in your app.

Set of connectors that allows you to use any kind of storage to store and retrieve your application data. Provides support for cloud storage, database storage and file system storage.


Display 3D views of your designs on your website by embedding the BIMer.viewer in a web page or web application. Enable powerful tools that let your users manipulate the model, zoom in and out, control section cuts and explode assemblies in a browser.

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bimer diagram


The BIMer.Viewer is a WebGL-based, client-side JavaScript library for 3D model rendering. It allows you to view design models on the web prepared for rendering by the BIMer.IFC converter library.

BIM model provided by BIM6x (


Displays 3D graphics in a web browser. No use of plug-ins required. No installation. Platform independent.


The Viewer comes with default settings. Developers can customise the viewer’s appearance using the BIMer.viewer API.


You can override default viewer event handlers to customise the behaviour of the viewer in your application.


Can be configured as a headless version without UI elements; only the 3D render canvas.


3D navigation

Pan, rotate, first person and zoom in and zoom out.


Properties extracted from the original IFC file are displayed for the selected element.


Filter out specific layers to show hidden constructions and elements.

Model browser

Model hierarchy tree is available for browsing once the model is loaded. Selected element highlights on the model and shows properties.


Take a screenshot of your design to share the view you see.


Use markup to pinpoint elements needing attention or being subject of a discussion.

The Bimer.viewer requires a WebGL-canvas compatible browser

Google Chrome
May 2016
Mozilla Firefox
Jun 2017
Microsoft Edge
Aug 2016
Apple Safari
Sep 2016

The BIMer.viewer can only be used to view files converted by BIMer.IFC. You can access the information in the JSON files that our conversion library generates but we cannot ensure the proper display of the model if the file structure has been manipulated with.


The BIMer.IFC converts the information stored in the IFC file to a format that can be consumed by the BIMer.viewer. The output is a set of JSON files that store extracted design data including object hierarchy, geometries and object properties. The library offers an option to create different-sized thumbnails from design files.


File translation from IFC to JSON

Translates 3D views from IFC2x3, IFC2x3zipped or IFC4 file format into the JSON format, so that they can be rendered in the viewer.

Thumbnail generation

Creates thumbnails from design files for use in your app.

Geometries and model data extraction

Extracts design metadata, like object hierarchy trees, model views, and object properties, so you can use it in your app.