BIMer - Integratable IFC viewer

BIMer.ifc core features

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TECHNOLOGYEasy to integrate

All construction solutions our company are based on the innovations BIMer.IFC can become a part of your software, it offers a simple integration, i.e. REST API for automated model upload and conversion and simple scripts for embedding in HTML code.

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DEVELOPMENTReady-to-use or customized

Ready-to-use BIMer.IFC offers a wide range of 3D viewing features that we continuously improve. If you need to fulfill a specific requirement ask for a high level estimate of the customization. We'll provide you with the estimated cost and possible time-frame of delivery.

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DESIGNEasy to use

Our software is designed and built around the concept of simplicity. BIMer.IFC is the easy way to work with IFC files.

Demo video

Our brief demo will walk you though the capabilities of BIMer.IFC

Business SolutionsIntegrate our IFC model viewer with your BIM management system

To ensure your BIM Management tool reaches its true potential, an IFC model viewer that allows visualization of the project data, needs to be in place. Our BIMer.IFC 3D viewer brings rich visualization right in a browser.
Embed our IFC viewer in your solution

BIMer.IFC is perfect for integration with other online tools. It runs in a web-browser and can be easily embedded, it provides a REST endpoint for automated model upload and conversion.

See how it works

Visit our community platform for online sharing platform for BIM projects and try out the capabilities of our 3D viewer.